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Backdraft DamperA device that allows air to only flow in one direction through a duct.
BackdraftingComplete reversal of flow from a combustion appliance of its combustion by-products, usually due to negative pressures indoors.
Balanced VentilationA general ventilation strategy that results in the house experiencing a neutral pressure.
Basement FoundationsUnfinished and uninsulated basements have a high potential for mold growth and other contamination problems, but can be healthy with proper planning.
Bathroom FanExhaust fans aren’t just for keeping the bathroom from smelling bad.
BattA widely used form of insulation.
BiocidesEvaluate whether a biocide-free product is what you want to use.
BiodegradableBiodegradable is defined as “the ability of natural biological decay processes to break down complex compounds into simple molecules.”
BiofilmGerms cooperate to build and maintain a barrier that keeps even strong disinfectants such as bleach and iodine at bay.
Biological PollutantsAir pollutants, such as mold and pollen, that either are or once were alive, or by-products of metabolism.
Bisphenol ABisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical produced in large quantities for use primarily in the production of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins.
Blower DoorA device used to pressurize or depressurize a house to evaluate its tightness.
Blower Door TestBlower door tests help determine a home's airtightness.
BoraxA natural salt, also known as sodium borate, that has become popular as a nontoxic ingredient in homemade green cleaners.
Bottled WaterIt’s convenient and healthful, but is it “green?”
Breathing ZoneThe breathing zone in a room usually extends from a few inches off the floor to about 6 feet off the floor.
British Thermal Unit (BTU)The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water 1°F.
Building EnvelopeThe exterior portion of a structure, usually insulated, that surrounds the conditioned space.
By-Products of MetabolismSolids, liquids, and gases given off by living creatures as a normal part of the life process.

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We do not strictly control Google ad content. If you believe any Google ad is inappropriate, please email us directly here.



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