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Absolute HumidityThe weight of water in a given volume of air.
AbsorbentsGranular substances that help clean up stains and spills without solvents or chemicals.
Accidental PressureAn air-pressure difference between the indoors and the outdoors.
Accidental VentilationRandom air movement into and out of a house.
Activated AluminaA form of aluminum oxide used as an adsorption material in air filters, more correctly called activated alumina impregnated with potassium permanganate.
Activated CarbonA form of carbon used as an adsorption or pollutant-reduction material in air or water filters, often derived from coconut, wood, or coal.
Active VentilationVentilation caused by a fan.
AdsorptionThe adhering of a gas onto the surface of a substance.
Adsorption FilterA filter that removes gases from the air by the process of adsorption.
Air Changes per Hour (ACH)The number of times the volume of air in a house is replaced with outdoor air during an hour.
Air CleanerThere are several different types, but these useful appliances are no substitute for good cleaning and other preventive measures.
Air distributionMovement of air throughout a house with a ventilation system or heating/cooling system.
Air Filter ArrestanceAlso known as a dust weight-arrestance test, it measures only for larger and heavier particles.
Air Filter EfficiencyDescribes the ability of an air filter to remove very fine particles of solid or liquid found in the air, such as aerosols, smoke, fumes, dust and ash.
Air HandlerA cabinet containing a fan.
Air SilencerA device, similar to an automotive muffler, that can be used to absorb some of the sound generated in a ventilation system.
Air-Pressure DifferenceThe dissimilarity in air pressures between two locations that can cause air to move between them.
Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger (AAHX)A balanced ventilation device capable of transferring heat (and sometimes moisture) between two airstreams.
Airflow GridA device that mounts inside a duct.
Airtight ConstructionBuilding techniques that result in a house with a small effective leakage area (ELA) to conserve energy.
Airtight Drywall Approach (ADA)Building techniques that result in a house with a small effective leakage area (ELA) to conserve energy.
All-CottonUnderstand the claims on the labels of your all-cotton items.
All-NaturalBe discerning. All-natural does not necessarily mean all-safe.
Allergen SlipcoverThese bedding accessories are a must for people with severe asthma or allergic sensitivity to dust mites.
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)A professional organization that sponsors research and sets voluntary standards for the ventilation industry.
Antibacterial ProductsThe scientific debate continues over whether antibacterial soaps, sprays and wipes may end up doing more harm than good.
Apparent Sensible Effectiveness (ASEF)A measurement useful in determining the temperatures of airstreams in a heat or energy recovery ventilator.
ArsenicHighly toxic and a known carcinogen, sources of arsenic contamination include industrial and workplace exposure, ingestion of food and water containing arsenic-related substances and more.
AsbestosA wide range of building materials may contain asbestos, particularly where insulation or heat and fire resistance are essential to safe construction.
Atmospheric DraftThe negative pressure in a chimney caused by rising, warm air and combustion by-products. Often referred to simply as draft.
Atmospheric Dust Spot TestA method of testing medium-efficiency air filters.
ATPAdenosine Triphosphate is the main energy transfer molecule present in all living (and once living) biological cells including animal, plant, bacterial, yeast, and mold cells.
Axial FanA type of ventilating fan having propeller-like blades.

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