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Where Does My Drinking Water Come From And How Is It Treated?

Where Does My Drinking Water Come From And How Is It Treated?

Your drinking water comes from surface water or ground water, and the amount and type of treatment applied varies with the source and quality of the water.

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How Old Is Your Mattress?

In addition to your mattress’ age, other factors such as dirt, allergen accumulation, moisture damage and chemical content of the components of the mattress are other things that need to be considered when making your decision to replace your mattress.

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Home Energy Saver Launches Online
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Points to Ponder

Making a case for less chemistry in cleaning...

-November 22nd, 2014

One Idaho-based cleaning service makes this interesting comment: "OSHA's Hazard Communications Standard (HCS) covers some 650,000 hazardous chemical products found in over three million establishments..."


Since the impact of these chemicals when mixed in the environment cannot be predicted, avoiding unneeded...

What can be done about VOCs from new car interiors?

-September 30th, 2014

Bringing in more fresh air is the simplest intervention. According to Dr. Jules Elkins, University of Texas-Austin, who teaches environmental health at UT Austin:


There are many potentially unhealthy chemicals in the interior of a car, some...

Housing [is] not a noun but a verb, an activity

-September 23rd, 2014

Consider these thought-provoking gems from the historic doctoral dissertation of HHI Advisory Board Member, Dr. Mariel Wolfson, specifically referencing the work of John F.C. Turner and his book Freedom to Build:

  • Housing [is] not a noun but...

HHI-Pedia Entry of the Day: Random Holes

The miscellaneous cracks, gaps, and openings in a house between the indoors and the outdoors through which air can move.

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