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Partial-Bypass FilterA filter that removes some contaminants from the air, but allows some air to pass through without contacting the filter, usually to minimize the resistance to airflow.
Particle BoardMade from small softwood particles that resemble coarse sawdust, and is usually held together with potent urea-formaldehyde (UF) glue.
Particulate FilterAn air filter designed to remove particulates from the air.
ParticulatesSolid (or liquid) air pollutants, as opposed to gases.
Parts Per Millon (ppm)A small unit of measurement, often used to express the concentration of pollutants in the air.
PascalThe pascal (Pa) or kilopascal (kPa) is a unit of pressure measurement.
Pascal (Pa.)A small unit of pressure measurement, useful in diagnosing houses for tightness and ventilation. One pound per square inch (psi) equals about 7,000 Pascals.
Pass-ThroughAn opening between two rooms through which air can move when pressure imbalances occur between the rooms.
Passive SolarA home-energy alternative or addition to gas and utility electric.
Passive VentilationCaused by house pressurization or depressurization, not directly caused by a fan. Infiltration and exfiltration involve passive air movement.
People PollutantsSolids, liquids, and gases given off by humans as a normal part of the life process.
PerchlorateAs a pollutant, perchlorate is found in groundwater, surface water and soil and has proven to be a pervasive contaminant of agricultural and manufactured food products.
Permanent-Split-Capacitor MotorA type of electric motor characterized by a main winding and an auxiliary winding wired in series with a capacitor.
Permeable WallAn insulated part of a house’s structure through which outdoor air can pass from the outdoors to the indoors and is tempered in the process.
Personal Health Record (PHR) A Personal Health Record (PHR) is a tool that enables you to collect, manage and share past and current information about your health or the health of someone in your care.
PesticidesChemical compounds formulated to kill living creatures.
PhosphatesOnce widely used to soften water for use in washing machines, some makers have reduced use of these chemicals.
PicoCurie per liter (pC/l)A unit of measurement used to determine the concentration of radon in the air.
Pier FoundationsOften used in hot, humid climates, a pier foundation lifts a house up off the ground reducing health hazards from direct soil contact.
PlywoodMaterial made of several layers of wood glued together, which is widely used in home construction.
Poly Moisture BarrierSheets of heavy plastic that help keep moisture out.
Polyurethane and polyisocyanuratePolyurethane can be a flexible foam, as used in upholstery, or a rigid foam, as in insulation.
PorosityCapacity of a material to be penetrated through its pores, for example, by gases or vapors.
Positive PressureWhen the air pressure inside a house or room is greater than the atmospheric pressure outside the house or room.
Pounds per square inch (psi)A unit of pressure measurement.
Pressure WasherThey’re great outdoor cleaning tools, but they can cause severe injury or damage if misused.
PressurizationWhen the air pressure inside a house or room is greater than the atmospheric pressure outside the house or room.
Preventive MaintenanceA preventive, systematic approach to health, safety and comfort is a homeowner’s best defense against poor air quality, unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs.
Protective GlovesKeep your hands (and, sometimes, forearms) safe from bacteria, spores or caustic chemicals.
Psychometric ChartA graph used to determine the moisture content and energy of air at different temperatures.

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