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Blog/Opinion: Water from Thin Air - Skywater Harmony Review

The Skywater Harmony is an atmospheric water generator that takes water vapor from the air and turns it into liquid water. In turn, the liquid water is purified by ozone to become potable, and select minerals are added to produce alkaline water. In essence, the Skywater Harmony makes purified water “from thin air”. This technology has the potential to be useful in areas where drinking water from surface and groundwater sources is scarce or severely contaminated.

The Process In-Depth

Before the air is condensed, it is run through an air filter. Next, the air goes into the condensation chamber where the Skywater Harmony mimics and accelerates natural condensation by simulating the dew point. The enhanced condensation process helps ensure a more constant production of water when the humidity is low. To treat the water that it collects, the unit uses ozone. Ozone (O3) kills or inactivates bacteria and other microbes without leaving disinfection byproducts. Additionally, water is run through an activated carbon filter to improve its taste and remove other impurities.


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The Skywater Harmony is made for indoor use and its rate of production is dependent on

Artificial vs. Natural Alkalinity

The Skywater Harmony creates what the manufacturer calls “natural alkalinity” rather than “artificial alkalinity”. What is the difference? They explain that some water ionizers split apart water molecules with electricity to create alkaline water. While water treated by this method is alkaline, it lacks the minerals such as calcium and magnesium typically found in natural alkaline water. The Skywater Harmony adds those minerals to the water to create alkalinity, rather than ionizing it. Proponents claim that naturally alkaline water can neutralize excess acidity in the body and prevents the body from becoming too alkaline, as the body will naturally dispose of the excess minerals that cause alkalinity. [Note: We do not know of, nor have we performed tests or studies to verify the benefits of natural alkalinity. However, we recognize that calcium, magnesium and other minerals are necessary for bodily functions and may correct deficiencies and pH imbalances in the body.]
the humidity levels and temperature of the indoor air. Many homes will have a temperature of between 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit (20 - 23.8 degrees Celsius) and a relative humidity (RH) of 30-50%. This means an average of five to ten gallons of water is produced each day. The unit works best in humid environments, of course, and would not work well in a dry environment where RH is below 30%.


No Plumbing Connection Required: Because the Skywater Harmony draws all its water from the air, it doesn’t require a plumbing connection.


Ozone Purification: Water purification using ozone is performed by municipalities during water treatment, and is often considered to be an environmentally-preferable method of purifying water since it doesn’t leave disinfection byproducts and it quickly becomes inert - leaving the water disinfected.


LCD Display: Shows temperature, holding tank purified water levels, and relative humidity. It also alerts you when maintenance needs to be performed, so you don’t have to keep track of it on your own.


Easy to Use: Using and maintaining the unit was simple. The only maintenance required is filter changes about twice a year (more often only if your air is very dirty), which our tester commented was quick and easy.

Skywater HarmonySkywater Harmony


Less Waste: The Skywater Harmony uses resources frugally. Since it draws moisture from the air, it uses a generally untapped water source rather than pulling from wells, rivers, lakes, and aquifers. In addition, the water doesn’t need to be transported or stored in disposable plastic or other containers which eliminates fuel needed for transportation, and consumption of other resources.


Low Energy Use: The unit uses about 900 watts when in use but only 35 watts when idle. As a result, the amount of energy used will depend in part on the rate of water demand.


Good Tasting: The naturally alkaline water is pleasant tasting and refreshing, a viewed shared by others we spoke to. One tester said the water greatly improved the flavor of her coffee.


Quiet: The Harmony purifier was quiet with a barely noticeable sound, much like the noise of a refrigerator but a bit louder.


To date, we believe the Skywater Harmony is an effective atmospheric water generator. It is simple to use, easy to care for, and provides alkaline water with potential health benefits.




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Water from Thin Air - Skywater Harmony Review:  Created on January 13th, 2013.  Last Modified on January 23rd, 2013

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