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  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

    Total dissolved solids are dissolved particles found in water that are small enough to pass through a .45 µm filter.
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters

    A heat pump also can be used to heat water - either as a stand-alone water heating system, or as a combination water heating and space conditioning system.
  • Preventive Maintenance

    A preventive, systematic approach to health, safety and comfort is a homeowner’s best defense against poor air quality, unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs.
  • Healthy Home Checklist

    Done regularly, these tasks will help ensure clean air and greater safety inside your well-functioning home.
  • Absolute Humidity

    The weight of water in a given volume of air.
  • Total Solids (TS)

    Total solids are the weight of total dissolved solids (TDS), total suspended solids (TSS) and settleable solids per unit volume of water.
  • Water Conditioner

    These systems often soften hard water.
  • Perchlorate

    As a pollutant, perchlorate is found in groundwater, surface water and soil and has proven to be a pervasive contaminant of agricultural and manufactured food products.
  • ERV

    Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) are heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) that exchange moisture between the two air streams.
  • Air Cleaner

    There are several different types, but these useful appliances are no substitute for good cleaning and other preventive measures.
  • Water Well

    Chemical analysis – and some common sense – will keep your water supply healthy.
  • British Thermal Unit (BTU)

    The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water 1°F.
  • Energy-Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

    A balanced ventilation device that transfers both heat and humidity between the exhaust and supply air streams.
  • Latent Heat

    The amount of heat that must be removed from air to change the water vapor from a gas to a liquid without changing its temperature.
  • Filtration

    The process of removing particles or pollutants from air or water.
  • Water softening terms

    Courtesy of the Water Quality Association (WQA).
  • Vapor Pressure

    A force that drives vapor molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. In homes this typically refers to water vapor pressure.
  • Sensible Heat

    The amount of heat involved in raising or lowering the temperature of air, not including any heat required to cause water vapor to change state (e.g. from a gas to a liquid).
  • Phosphates

    Once widely used to soften water for use in washing machines, some makers have reduced use of these chemicals.
  • N95 respirator

    An essential tool used to protect people from hazardous fumes during certain jobs.

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We do not strictly control Google ad content. If you believe any Google ad is inappropriate, please email us directly here.



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