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  • Modular home

    A home that is built in a factory in sections, transported to a site, lifted from the transport by crane, and rested on a prebuilt foundation.
  • Masonry

    Building construction using materials such as concrete, tile and glass blocks, stone, brick and brick veneer.
  • R-value

    How effective is your insulation?
  • Spray-On Insulation

    Insulation products that start out as a liquid, but end up as a solid.
  • Bottled Water

    It’s convenient and healthful, but is it “green?”
  • Ventilation

    The process of supplying air to, or removing air from, a house, most often with a fan.
  • Formaldehyde

    A common gas found in indoor air, often released from building materials, consisting of 1 carbon atom, 2 hydrogen atoms, and 1 oxygen atom.
  • Range fan

    The hood has a removable filter that’s essential for reducing airborne grease.
  • Basement Foundations

    Unfinished and uninsulated basements have a high potential for mold growth and other contamination problems, but can be healthy with proper planning.
  • Accidental Ventilation

    Random air movement into and out of a house.
  • Sheathing

    Sheathing adds strength and wind resistance to house walls, and is now made in a variety of materials.
  • Crawl Space Foundations

    Unlike basement foundations, a crawl space is not considered part of a home’s living space. Crawl spaces are usually accessed only to repair pipes, ducts or mechanical equipment.
  • Foundation

    Supports a house and transmits its load to the ground or soil. It can have a significant impact on the health and integrity of a home.
  • Humidity

    Humidity is moisture in the air in the form of invisible water vapor. See absolute humidity and relative humidity.
  • Oriented Strand board (OSB)

    As with construction-grade plywood, it can often be used in a healthy house if it is well-separated from the living space.
  • Passive Solar

    A home-energy alternative or addition to gas and utility electric.
  • Recycling Symbol, Plastic

    How to “read” plastic containers for recycling.
  • Arsenic

    Highly toxic and a known carcinogen, sources of arsenic contamination include industrial and workplace exposure, ingestion of food and water containing arsenic-related substances and more.
  • Insulation

    A material that inhibits the flow of heat.
  • Formaldehyde-Based Glues

    Common glues that hold together manufactured wood products such as plywood, oriented strand board and medium density fiber board.

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We do not strictly control Google ad content. If you believe any Google ad is inappropriate, please email us directly here.



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