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  • Oriented Strand board (OSB)

    As with construction-grade plywood, it can often be used in a healthy house if it is well-separated from the living space.
  • Particle Board

    Made from small softwood particles that resemble coarse sawdust, and is usually held together with potent urea-formaldehyde (UF) glue.
  • Personal Health Record (PHR)

    A Personal Health Record (PHR) is a tool that enables you to collect, manage and share past and current information about your health or the health of someone in your care.
  • Pesticides

    Chemical compounds formulated to kill living creatures.
  • Plywood

    Material made of several layers of wood glued together, which is widely used in home construction.
  • Polyurethane and polyisocyanurate

    Polyurethane can be a flexible foam, as used in upholstery, or a rigid foam, as in insulation.
  • Recirculate

    To move air through the living space without adding fresh air or removing stale air.
  • Return Air

    Air from a living space that enters an air handler, such as a furnace or air conditioner, and is returned back to the space.
  • Separation

    The principle of isolating pollutants from the living space.
  • Sheathing

    Sheathing adds strength and wind resistance to house walls, and is now made in a variety of materials.
  • Single-Port Ventilator

    An exhaust device having only one suction connection for a duct from the living space. See also multi-port ventilator.
  • Source Control

    The principle of using nonpolluting materials in the living space, or of removing polluting materials from the living space.
  • Spillage

    A situation where some of the combustion by-products spill into the living space, rather than go up the chimney, usually due to insufficient draft.
  • Supply Air

    The air entering a house through a ventilation system. Also, the conditioned air passing from a furnace/air conditioner into the living space.
  • Vapor Barrier

    It’s an essential component of construction in a healthy home.
  • Ventilation and air pressure

    The bringing in of fresh air and the exhausting of stale air, and how air pressure differences are involved.
  • Viruses

    Microorganisms that can cause a lot of mischief, viruses need hosts for propagation.
  • Wood: Softwood vs Hardwood

    How to chose the best wood for your home and health.

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We do not strictly control Google ad content. If you believe any Google ad is inappropriate, please email us directly here.



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