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Plants: Why You Can't Live Without Them

By B.C. Wolverton & Kozaburo Takenaka

Plants: Plants: Why You Can't Live Without Them by B.C. Wolverton & Kozaburo Takenaka, Healthy Home & Green Living Books & Videos -

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New Delhi,  110048 India

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Though essential to our existence, plants get sidelined in the hustle and bustle of city life. The concept of ‘eco-landscaping’ heralds the effort to bring greenery back into the concrete jungles we inhabit. Plants: Why You Can’t Live Without Them explores how our homes and offices can be made healthier and more cheerful with plants.


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Air-conditioned rooms, synthetic building materials and inadequate ventilation cause many respiratory and nervous disorders. The mere presence of plants has been proved to lessen environmental pollution, increase labor productivity, and reduce the cost of health care. Plants also provide medicinal herbs and nutritious food that go a long way in extending our lifespan.


From the freshening up of indoor space, to creating a variety of gardens, and to natural methods of waste recycling, Plants explores the diverse means by which plants can enhance our lives. Produced after many years of scientific research and data collection, this book is a comprehensive study of the amazing benefits of plants. 144 pages.


About the authors:


Dr. B.C. ‘Bill’ Wolverton is a retired NASA scientist and has received numerous patents and awards for his pioneering research into environmental pollution. He has lectured throughout the world and his publications include Eco-Friendly Houseplants (or How to Grow Fresh Air), now in fifteen translations, and Growing Clean Water – Nature’s Solution to Water Pollution.
Kozaburo Takenaka, founder of Takenaka Garden Afforestation, the topmost plant leasing company in Japan, has created many styles of green environments in all manner of indoor and outdoor spaces. He has conducted research with universities into green plant related technologies, with experiments in natural and artificial environments, soil development and water resources.


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