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Blog/Opinion: Indoor Air Quality Defined

By HHI Staff

So, exactly what is indoor air pollution? Defined, indoor air pollution is the presence of substances (either gases or particulates) within a home’s atmosphere that could negatively affect human health (or the health of your pets). These pollutants might be natural materials (pollen, for example) or derived from man-made substances (the outgassing of synthetic materials). The duration of air pollutants can be brief, but intense, as when you use model-airplane glue, or long-term and chronic at a lower level, as with the release of combustion by-products from your gas range’s burning pilot light.


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Ideally, the best defense against indoor pollution is not owning or using any potentially contaminating materials or products inside your home. This should be combined with thorough and regular house cleaning using less-toxic, low-odor products, controlling any serious moisture problems in your home (including high relative humidity), and providing your house with adequate fresh-air ventilation. At this point, if your home still has somewhat minor air-quality problems, using an appropriate air-cleaning device (i.e., an air filter) can be helpful to remove most of the remaining airborne contaminants.


Admittedly, seriously reducing existing air pollution levels in your house can sometimes be difficult. However, if you address the individual air-pollution sources one by one, it’s likely you’ll eventually have indoor air that will positively, rather than negatively, affect the health of you and your family.




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Indoor Air Quality Defined:  Created on March 5th, 2013.  Last Modified on March 5th, 2013


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