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Blog/Opinion: iGozen Cleaners Review

When talking about “going green”, people think of the expense. It generally costs more to buy organic fruits, vegetables, and meats, as well as green cleaners. While in the long run, it can mean savings in healthcare, some have a hard time rationalizing the extra expense for something without immediate, perceptible benefits.


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However, I had the recent opportunity to try out cleaners that address some of these “going green” issues - iGozen’s Fruit/Vegetable Wash, Meat/Fish Wash, and Everyday Cleaner.


  • Fragrance-free
  • Nontoxic
  • Inexpensive
  • Sustainable
  • Organic (not currently verified by any organization)
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Doesn’t work the best on ground meats.

These alkaline cleaners are made from microfine particles of seashells, salts, and a few other natural ingredients, and are designed to neutralize and/or remove pesticides, as well as bacteria, other toxins, and wax. This cleaning process is based on the principle that most pesticides, toxins, and bacteria are susceptible to breakdown by a highly alkaline solution. In addition, the microfine seashell particles are able to penetrate beyond the outside of many surfaces, making these products more effective.


Going back to our initial spending concerns, how does iGozen address these issues?


Low Price: While I was able to try these cleaners for free, paying for them would have barely made a dent in my pocketbook. This because iGozen packages its products in small tubes that average about $1.25 a piece (usually comes in a six-pack). You simply add the powder from the packet to 16 oz. of water and put the mixture in a spray bottle of your choice. You can either purchase a stylish 16 oz. iGozen bottle or you can use your own. I personally really liked the iGozen bottles - their spray tops work really well and because the whole bottle is 16 oz., I didn’t have to worry about measuring how much water I put in; I simply just filled it to the top.


Reduces Worry about Buying Traditionally-Grown or -Raised Foods: The reason we often invest in buying organic foods is because of our concern about pesticides and toxins in traditionally-grown or -raised foods. However, because iGozen’s Fruit/Vegetable Wash and Meat/Fish Cleaner can remove pesticides, toxins, and bacteria, we can worry less about buying less expensive, non-organic foods.iGozen

Both of these factors can reduce expense without ignoring our concerns about the safety of our foods and cleaners.

 So, do these products work? Unfortunately, I don’t have a lab where I could test it’s neutralizing properties myself. However, iGozen shares a lab report verifying the effectiveness of the Meat/Fish Wash in removing salmonella and e. coli from meats.

They have also done additional testing that shows a reduction in specific pesticides and toxins when iGozen’s Fruit/Vegetable and Meat/Fish Wash are used.

Using the iGozen products was very simple. The powder mixes well in water when shaken but has to be shaken each time you use it. I tried out the Fruit/Vegetable Wash on traditionally-grown snap peas and red and orange bell peppers. After applying the spray and rinsing, there was no residual smell or aftertaste of the product (although I didn’t expect any since it’s fragrance-free).

I tried the Meat/Fish Wash on traditionally-raised ground beef patties (88% fat, 12% lean). I discovered that using the wash on ground beef probably wasn’t the best idea. While the Meat/Fish Wash most likely removed the bacteria of concern, it also removed some of the fat when rinsing away the product (it was also a little difficult to rinse). Depending on your preference, that may or not be a bad thing, but without the fat, the patties did take longer to cook. Nonetheless, they were still tasty and no aftertaste from the product as well.

My sister tried out the Everyday Cleaner and it must have worked okay because she finished it all off! She said it worked fine for her and she didn’t have any complaints about it.

Overall, these are great simple products that work inexpensively and effectively. While I would be curious to see more scientific explanation on how these cleaners work, they are based on a sound principle of using an alkaline solution to remove unwanted matter. In the end, I’m happy this company is taking steps to make green cleaning and healthy foods more affordable for everyone.




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iGozen Cleaners Review:  Created on September 17th, 2012.  Last Modified on November 12th, 2012

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