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Five Ways To Cut Your Energy Bill

By HHI Staff

Consider these simple ways to boost the environment and reduce energy consumption - not to mention your utility bill:


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1. Rethink your laundry. About 90 percent of the energy used to wash clothes goes to heating the water. By washing full loads and using cooler water and cold-water detergents, you can save energy, water and money. An Energy Star washer uses half the energy that standard washers do, as well as much less water, and they spin clothes more efficiently, saving drying time.

2. Power up with power strips. Even when the TV and other appliances are off, they use energy if they’re plugged in. Plug them into a power strip and when not using a device flip the strip switch to off.

3. Make your thermostat work for you. Programmable electronic thermostats control room temperature depending on the time of day. Reducing the temperature by just 4 degrees will save about $130 a year on energy. If no one is home all day or you’re away for a weekend, program the thermostat accordingly.

4. Switch out your light-bulbs. Compact fluorescent light-bulbs use at least two-thirds less energy than standard incandescent bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs produce the same amount of light as traditional incandescents but last up to 10 times longer. Considering that lighting accounts for 20 percent of the average U.S. electric bill, this small change can translate to significant savings. Also consider LED Lamps. Furthermore, the installation of a motion-sensor light helps ensure you only use lights as needed.

5. Use wind as fuel. The wind is a continuous source of clean, free energy that you can harness at your own home with a utility grid-connected residential wind turbine. Incorporating wind energy into an alternative energy plan may seem to be a large initial investment, but it provides a rewarding financial return. Homeowners have reported saving up to 50 percent on their energy bill with a “backyard” wind turbine. To provide quiet, clean electricity even in very low winds, Southwest Windpower offers Skystream, a compact, user-friendly, all-inclusive wind generator. In strong winds, it can actually produce excess electricity that some utilities will buy from homeowners. You can learn more at




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Five Ways To Cut Your Energy Bill:  Created on May 29th, 2008.  Last Modified on May 15th, 2010


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