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Window Tinting Tips

By HHI Staff

According to Bennett Akers, Boise Window Tint: “At this moment, money may be trickling out of your pocket via energy gained or lost through the windows of your home or office space."

The Problem – Untreated Windows

In the summer, energy from the sun enters through windows, raising the temperature of your home, fading furnishings, upholstery and flooring, and driving up cooling costs.
In the winter, heat escapes through windows – more than enters from solar gain – pushing up heat bills.


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Window film has been installed throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and elsewhere, eliminating several-hundred-million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions and consumption of huge amounts of energy.


Controlling Exposure


Controlling solar exposure is key to:

  • Lower cooling costs in the summer
  • Lower heating bills in the winter 
  • Protecting furnishings from UV breakdown
  • Protecting the color of carpet and upholstery
  • Reducing glare and harmful effects to skin
  • Reducing temperature fluctuations
The Solution – Treated Windows

While untreated windows are the problem, properly tinted windows using advanced films is the solution, keeping views intact and providing several important benefits.

Newer window films:
  • Filter out most UV (e.g., 99.9%)
  • Enhance comfort by controlling indoor temperature
  • Reduce heat from solar energy entering your home
  • Reduce radiant heat loss in winter (heat leaving your home through untreated windows)
  • Raise visual acuity by creating a clearer image through glass
  • Provide safety benefits by holding glass fragments together in the event of breakage
  • Use nonreflective technology so you can see better out of windows at night.
(Information, courtesy of Bennett Akers, Boise Window Tint)


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Window Tinting Tips:  Created on June 24th, 2014.  Last Modified on June 24th, 2014


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