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A Greener Way To Heat and Cool A Home

By HHI Staff

A growing number of environmentally conscious homeowners are using a home heating and cooling system that is truly "down-to-earth."


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They've installed a geothermal system, considered by many to be a very green way to heat and cool a home. By installing this type of system, homeowners can save energy, lower their heating and cooling costs and help protect the environment by using renewable energy from the earth. Using such a system can also provide your home with hot water.

A geothermal home heating and cooling system uses a series of pipes - called an earth loop - buried just below ground level to efficiently cool a home in the summer and provide heat in the winter. It is able to do this because the temperature below-ground stays fairly consistent year-round, absorbing the sun's energy regardless of climate or season.

Geothermal systems can also generate "free" heat for hot water in the summer months. This is done by capturing the unwanted heat from your home and using it to preheat water in a storage tank.

Investment in geothermal systems can contribute to the growth of renewable energy and homegrown energy solutions. And because geothermal units utilize the free renewable supply of energy found in homeowners' backyards, the use of geothermal helps to reduce U.S. dependency on foreign oil.

It also makes it possible for homeowners to reduce both their carbon footprint and their utility bills. According to some experts, the energy savings provided by a geothermal system can be as much as 70 percent compared to using a traditional system.

In addition, geothermal systems don't emit carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or other greenhouse gases that are considered to be major contributors to environmental air pollution. This can help to reduce a homeowner's carbon footprint.


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A Greener Way To Heat and Cool A Home:  Created on October 1st, 2010.  Last Modified on October 11th, 2010


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