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Healthy Home Basics - 11 Fire Safety Tips

By HHI Staff

Following are 11 safety tips that can help reduce the risk of fire in your home. Remember, prevention is the number one way to avoid a home fire.


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1) Take all the clothes out of the dryer after the cycle stops (this may especially apply to older dryers).


2) Keep appliances and power tools unplugged when not in use. Never trust a heat-producing device (such as an iron or automatic coffee pot) to turn itself off, especially if it has an internal clock or timer.


3) If you see or smell smoke near an appliance, unplug it immediately.


4) Don’t leave a stove or burner unattended.


5) Don’t wear loose-fitting clothes while cooking because they can catch fire more easily.


6) Don’t plug too many items into the same electrical outlet or circuit.


7) Routinely check wires and cords for damage.


8) Don’t run an electrical cord under a carpet or rug because it could wear and short out.


9) Leave plenty of space around heaters, fans, water heaters, and furnaces, and never store flammable materials nearby. You should always store combustible materials (including stacks of newspapers, or cans of gasoline) in a cool, well ventilated place, away from heat sources.


10) Have your wood stove, furnace, water heater, and chimney inspected, cleaned, and maintained by a professional once a year.


11) Finally, keep matches and lighters away from where children can get to them.


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Healthy Home Basics - 11 Fire Safety Tips:  Created on May 12th, 2010.  Last Modified on February 27th, 2011


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